Re-Focus: Disruptive Innovation

A recent email conversation has brought my attention back to a topic I’ve lectured about almost 10 years ago in my first job as an assistant professor: “Disruptive Innovation“.

In between and in the early days of Design Management education (somewhere in 1998 with the MBA Design Management at Westminster University/UK) I’ve developed some seminars about the management of innovation & technology and what this might mean for Design Managers. My credo back then and still today:

As a Design Manager (or a manager in general) you do not need to be a master in technology and understand all the tiny details, but you should be able to understand the larger paradigm shift that is emerging around technological advancement.

Therefore with great joy I’ve noticed that blog pal and German fellow Martin Koser assembled a fine blog posting with some recent podcast links on disruptive innovation, IT as differentiator, communities and more. Needless to say that another blog friend of mine from Switzerland, Alex Osterwalder is placed #1 on his list with an interview with early internet days icon John Hagel.

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