Design Management Education (DME 2.0) Wishlist

Mark Vanderbeeken over at Experientia/Turin, Italy pointed me to an interesting article about School 2.0. Even thought the article is written in French (and I have to admit that my skills in talking /reading French have unfortunately decreased considerably over the last couple of years ;-( it attracted my attention since over the last couple of months I’m struggling more and more with traditional formats of teaching and knowledge dissemination like front teaching, right vs. wrong thinking, academic vs. practice silos, etc.

While exploring a link to a great designed information graphics PDF explaining what School 2.0 might mean I concluded how much impact you can create by simply illustrating complex issues via pictures, metaphors, information graphics, etc. And while all my current projects deal with issues around the topic of the Social Web (aka. Web 2.0) I recently stumbled across this great interactive Flash based chart at Wired Magazine explaining the ‘Life Cycle of a Blog Post’. Simply stunning both technically as well as story-wise.

My wish for Schools/Universities teaching at the intersection of Design and Management is that (future) managers (or MBAs) are better equipped with visual expression skills while Designers do learn to give their visual skills more impact by understanding (often complex) business issues better.

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