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More and more I discover the range of visualization tools and power of visualization in general in business contexts these days (even though this is not a too groundbreaking insight ;-). Let it be for example for my current MBA class at the Open University or as a moderator at a recent design manager retreat (Raymond) on “Design Leadership”.

I’m looking forward to the day when “Business Visualization” might become a part of the curriculum for both “Designers” as well as “Managers”.
(found via: Jess McMullin: bplusd blog).

Addendum: It wouldn’t be great blog times if someone else wouldn’t have posted about this earlier ;-) Some minutes ago I’ve found additional information about the underlying paper on the “Periodic Table of Visualization Methods for Management” by Ralph Lengler and Martin J. Eppler (University of Lugano, CH) at Guy Kawasaki’s Blog “How to Change the World”.

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