Merry Christmas 2006 and a Happy New Year 2007

I don’t want to go too sentimental here, but I’d still like to wish you all “Merry Christmas and a happy New Year”!

For several weeks now I’d wanted to share some of my experiences from conferences, workshops and lectures on “Design Management” and “Corporate Blogs” … however as always too much other things to do and too little time. Or to put it more precisely as Alex Osterwalder from “Business Model Design and Innovation Blog” describes it:

“I allow myself a maximum of 1-3 hours per post – even if it is at the expense of quality.”

Beside the fact that I think this is an incredible amount of time donated to the public for free (!) my very own experience confirms Alex’s data somehow. While I think I’ve never invested 3 hrs. for a posting so far, I tend to spend at least 1 hours for a good reasonable, more essay style-like posting. What are your experiences? Or to put it the other way round: What would have been your guessings how much time on average a blogger you frequently visit/read spends on her/his postings? -

Anyway (coming back to the beginning of this posting) instead of doing a ‘reprint’ of my last years “Thank You” posting I’d rather like to share some nice sketches of Christmas Tree variations done by students, staff and professors of the “Hochschule für Gestaltung” at Karlsruhe/Germany with you. What are your favorites?

Furthermore I’d like to announce that this blogs goes on a short Christmas Holiday and I think I’ll be back around the second week of January 2007. Thanks again for your ongoing readership and in the meantime I’d like to recommend the following selection of my favorite blogs to surf by (experienced blog readers might know them already, but for the ‘average’ crowd I think they are worth a visit ;-) :

Own Your Brand: Mike Wagner is a master of applying the concept of storytelling to the blogosphere. Furthermore you’ll learn a lot about the idea of “brand ownership” from an experienced brand & marketing consultant. Also have a look at Mike’s postings on the “MarketingProfs: Daily Fix” Blog where he posts in good company along with other brand & marketing experts like Karl Long (see below). Finally Mike is also contributing to David Armano’s blog “Logic + Emotion”.

Business Model Design and Innovation: Alex Osterwalder now blogs further about the key topics of his doctoral thesis on Business Model Design. Lots to learn about the fact that design principles are not simply restricted to products.

All This ChittahChattah: Steve Portigal introduces, shares and mirrors the multi-faceted world of our daily lives. Steve is a true researcher on “the stuff of a culture” which he describes as: “… its products, companies, consumers, media, and advertising. All these artifacts and the relationships between them are the rules that define a culture — the stuff makes the culture, but it is the culture that makes the stuff.”

ExperienceCurve: Karl Long (an ex-MBA Design Management student from Westminster University) is a dedicated observer on the latest things which happen on the web in the context of Web 2.0. His special sense of humor combined with his reflective reasonings make his blog always worth a visit

Putting People First: Mark Vanderbeeken from Experientia is THE master of content aggregation on Experience Design as well as global news on design in general. Beside his recent posting on the techniques he uses to aggregate all the information I’m sure he’s employed a crowd of off-shore researchers somewhere on the planet to support him ;-)

All the best to all of us for 2007. Stay tuned!

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