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after a longer than planned christmas season break I wish you all a happy new year 2005! as many of you I’ve assembled my personal set of goals to be achieved in 2005; updating this blog more regularly (which means at least once a week) is certainly among them. A blog posting from Oliver Thylmann a former MBA student of one of my “Open University Strategy Courses” inspired me to reason about my personal list of “43 Things”.

today I’ve found an article in “strategy + business” (the online journal of Booz Allen Hamilton) called “How Companies Turn Customers’ Big Ideas into Innovations” and I’ve read a quite interesting quote regarding the integration of the design discipline into corporate functions:

“George Day, a professor of marketing at Wharton, also sees this overconcentration on technology as one of the most common sources of trouble. “I think the biggest problems occur when you get strongly engineering-driven companies that don’t really appreciate the emotional attachment people have to products or their emotional reactions to them, and think it’s all about very specific product attributes,” he says.”

even though I appreciate working on a my Dell Laptop (WinXP) I still find that so far only Apple Computer really managed to overcome the industry (technical) engineering paradigm and understand what customers really appreciate: DESIGN! (more blogging to follow on this ;-)

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